Through our newly built 6000sqm offices, warehousing and fabrication facility in the Ain-Saade industrial zone, we are positioned within easy reach of 80% of the industry.

Our sales consultants are on the road and are available for site visits at any time.

  • Respond is proudly the market leader

    Respond is proudly the market leader in turn key design*, fabrication and installation** solutions based on acrylic solid surfaces, quartz composite surfaces and porcelain ‘ceramic’ surfaces to the architectural, interior design and landscaping industries. From the simplest kitchen counters and bathroom shower trays to more complex complete interior remodelling jobs and exterior cladding. Backed by a highly experienced and non-compromising team of highly trained sales managers, engineers, technicians and skilled labour, Respond’s solutions have been unrivalled in every way.

    Respond SAL is part of an international group of companies spanning the Middle East, Gulf and Africa ( and as such is bound by a stringent set of corporate rules and regulations particularly as concerns the QOS and rules of conduct & communication. Put simply, courtesy and professionalism in communication, high production quality, punctuality in delivery and continuously available after sales support are always controlled and maintained.

    Our sales consultants are on the road and are available for site visits at any time.


  • Where can I get some?

    Respond SAL operates through a network of kitchen and bathroom showrooms, contracting companies, architecture and interior design firms as well as other building industry professionals. We also operate a direct business through our sister company SilverDeco SARL. We are continuously expanding our coverage of Lebanon, contact us for further information should you be interested in acquiring the only ISFA (USA) Certified production in the country.

Why do we use it?

Why do we use it?

The list is never-ending and is limited to only the imagination of the designers, consultants and owners alike. However below is a list of what we have been producing since 2005:

Home applications:

  • Kitchen countertops, islands and wall cladding
  • Bathroom countertops, shower trays, furniture including complete acrylic basin units, designer washbasins, complete seamless surround wall cladding.
  • Living room furniture, inducing coffee tables, sofas, 3D wall cladding, etc…
  • Floor skirting and 3D wall lighting fixtures.
  • Miscellaneous small articles for the home.


  • Bank, hotel, office, clinic and hospital counters and desks
  • Windows sills and floor skirting.
  • Point of sales and Information units for shops and malls.
  • Commercial display areas and units.
  • Bank facades and cash machine tower units.

*design services are optional

** Excluding exterior cladding.

Where does it come from?

Our production is based on raw materials sourced though non-stop international research allowing us to remain at the forefront of the building industry finishing solutions. Respond SAL represents and distributes raw sheets and slabs from top-ranking manufacturers in South Korean, Belgian and Italy. 

Where does it come from?

How We Can Help You

Respond SAL’s offices are located on the Horsh Tabet Main Road (Sin El Fil) at the first right corner building (SilverDeco showroom) after “Librairie Antoine”.
Easily accessible parking is available right outside the building.
The warehousing and fabrication facilities are in the Ain Saade Industrial area, about a 20 minutes’ drive from our offices.
The Respond staff are available to assist you in any way possible.

1st Floor Missirian Building
Horsh Tabet Main Road
Sin El Fil

+961 1 501 414/5/6
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